Stories from the brainreels minicast: The Backstrokes part two

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I don’t often have the luxury of interviewing someone twice for my podcast. So it’s a rare and nice treat that I sat down again with Anne Tillinghast from The Backstrokes to talk more about the group about art and about life. I’m glad she doesn’t mind too much that I’m obsessed with this group and what they’re up to.

This is a mini-cast today, just a little more conversation between Anne and me. And also, I recorded Laura Hershey’s wonderful poem “You Get Proud By Practicing,” used with permission. Unfortunately, I couldn’t access the digital recording of her reciting it. So you’re stuck with me. I’m usually more focused on critiquing society and asking our culture as a whole to accept and embrace disabled people instead of making us work so hard to include ourselves in an inaccessible world. But there’s really always a time and a place for remembering self-pride and for fighting off the demons of internalized stigma. Not everyone should aspire to move and think and sense and communicate the same way, seeing as we can’t, and seeing as there’s no good reason why we should. I’ve seen people try to give good reasons for it, but none of them are really sensible, logical, or just. So a little more practice at pride just the way you are? Pretty nice.

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