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There is just nothing like combining a fantastic word play with an awesome cause. Portland artist and disability activist Arianna Warner has done just that. Between now and May 10th, you can hop on over to Kickstarter and pledge to support Arianna’s new project called Ink Visible.

Gray circle with flourishy white script "Ink Visible"

From the website, “Ink Visible is a collaboration with five Portland tattoo artists who self-identify with an invisible disability who have created temporary tattoos inspired by their experiences. Each temporary tattoo is accompanied with the artist’s story. All the temporary tattoos and stories will be available at Ink Visible events and at the online store. In addition, the public will be able to contribute their story and a drawing to the project at the traveling Ink Visible event.”

Arianna has used temporary tattoos before in really creative ways, and she’ll be on the podcast this spring or summer to talk about it. The first time I met her was at one of Carmen Papalia’s interactive workshops, and I arrived there not knowing anyone besides Carmen. I was nervous. Were there other disabled people around? Was there going to be anyone I could relate to? Lo and behold, there’s Arianna, beaming away and socializing with everyone. Her arms and legs were covered in temporary tattoos of the universal access symbol (the stick figure on a wheelchair). And I’m sitting there thinking I gotta meet this person! This person looks non-disabled like me but has chosen to cover herself with a disability symbol! Talk about some superb disability pride and a really unique way to open up the conversation that not everybody’s disability is apparent. The tattoos were from a previous project, and you can check out her work and even order some temporary tattoos for yourself on her website.

Now Arianna is expanding the work of exploring invisible disability through temporary tattoos, artwork, and including other people’s stories with Ink Visible.

Please check out the awesome Closed Captioned Kickstarter video explaining the project. If you can, pledge today. But either way, it will be great to go to the public event to see the artwork, meet the tattoo artist collaborators, and hear stories.

The event is May 13th
Lucky Lab on NW Quimby St.

Do share the link to the Kickstarter!