Support Krip-Hop Nation’s South Africa Tour

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Krip-Hop Nation is at it again! Well, to be fair, they never stop. But here comes a new and fantastic collaboration with Simon Manda and This Ability Newspaper and Krip-Hop Nation. Their new plans include a tour to South Africa, a film, a book, and probably more. So it’s serious fundraising time. Time is tight to get their funds raised before December.Picture of a world with a Black woman and a Black man kissing a Krip-Hop Nation video box. Above are words: USA to Africa South Africa Tour Nov-December 2016. Below is a set of crutches crossing each other with a white hand displaying a sign language sign Below words saying: Brought to You By This Ability Newspaper, Simon Manda & Krip-Hop Nation

Here’s what Leroy said: “This is huge for not only Krip-Hop Nation but for the disability international community. After more than 30 years of dreaming and networking (on the internet) for the day that I can touch South African land and connect with South Africans who are Deaf/Disabled, I can say it is worth the wait and work! Krip-Hop South Africa Tour in Disability Month, December!”

Krip-Hop Nation is fundraising on Indiegogo to cover the following:

  • Publishing a book of stories, art, poetry, essays and song lyrics of artists, writers with disabilities & who are Deaf in Africa & US. Their publisher is at
  • Creating, editing, producing and marketing of a film documentary of the tour.
  • Accessible equipment that would make the tour more accessible like wheelchairs, etc.
  • Performers’ fees.

Thanks to POOR Magazine who is creating the Indiegogo Campaigns and thanks CB Smith-Dahl for doing the video.

KripHop South Africa from Community Bridge Video on Vimeo. And because I can’t seem to figure out how to caption the video right, I’ve included a transcript of the video below.

This is the Krip-Hop movement.

The revolution should not be televised. As the liberation of mind with equality of frame and oneness.

I’m Leroy Franklin Moore Jr. We’re in Berkeley, and this is Strawberry Creek Park. And I am with Krip-Hop Nation.


You know, being a Black, disabled man living on SSI, international travel is almost impossible. This tour coming up is the next step to exchange our work and to come out of it with a book and a video. Being involved with disabled hip hop artists from around the world, this is the first time that we get to see each other face to face, recognize each other’s struggles, recognize each other’s art and culture. One of the partners does a disability newspaper called Ability.

Hello there. My name is Simon Manda, the Co-founder and Managing Editor of This Ability Newspaper that is based in South  Africa. This is a tablet that focuses and tackles disability issues as well as informs the society to the happenings in the disability world.

The film is done by a photographer in South Africa, is disabled. Also, recording the hip hop artists. The book publisher is in Sacramento, a Black-owned publisher. So it’s really bringing people together.

It’s not funded by a grant. It’s really coming from people that love what we’re doing.

Thank you so much, and I’ll be seeing you around. I’ll be posting updates on the road.


Please visit the fundraiser on Indiegogo and donate today!