New Day Films launch

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A little shameless self-promotion here for the film “Who Am I To Stop It.” I figure that’s pretty much OK to do here since this is the blog that goes with the film. Of course, if you want me to come onto your blog and promote my film, I can do that too!

The news is that you can now purchase “Who Am I To Stop It” if you are a college, medical school, university, non-profit, library, or other educational body. The film is available streaming and as DVD (remember those?). There are Closed Captions and Audio Description with both types. The DVD also has Descriptive English Subtitles. All that means is I put the Closed Captions on a subtitle track too, in case you’re in a situation where you can’t access the captions, like if you’re using a DVD player (remember those?) with an HDMI cable. I want the access to be accessible.

Where do you find the film? You can hop over to the Purchase page on this website. Or go directly to the New Day Films website. There are still a few more streaming options coming soon.

The DVD and streaming license aren’t available for home use yet. So if you’re wondering when you can buy the film to watch at home, you gotta wait a little bit longer for that. But if you’re reading this, and you’re one of the Kickstarter campaign donors who’s getting a DVD as your reward, check your mailbox very soon. It’s on its way. For people who requested a digital download, that’s also coming, but it might be another couple weeks while I actually figure out how to do that. So much technology.

There are a couple of screenings in the works right now but no details I can share just yet. I figure we need a real date and actual location before I should tell you when they’re coming up. Horse before cart. Horse before cart. Got it.

Follow us on Facebook, on Twitter, where we hang out now and again, and this blog to keep up to date with screenings as they get planned.

Since this documentary is so much about community, I’ll extend another community-building invitation to anyone reading this:  If you’re an artist with disabilities or an artist who’s had a brain injury, drop me a line if you’d like to showcase your art on this blog or invite people to come check out your blog, podcast, art exhibit, film festival, concert, or other exciting happening. I’ve greatly enjoyed hearing from all the artists who’ve reached out to me over the years and asked me to write about them, review their films, or share their work here. Please note that if you’re a media maker, I always share with my readers whether something has Closed Captions, Audio Description, transcriptions, and other access features. Preference goes to sharing accessible media. So let me know that part too!

Brandon Scarth plays guitar in his Badass Brain Injury Survivor shirt, Dani Sanderson smiles in graduation cap and gown, and Kris Haas sits on the ground with a new, giant painting and smiles for the camera.