Stories from the brainreels Minicast: National Brain Injury Awareness Month

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As we move into National Brain Injury Awareness Month, I bring you two short narratives from brain injury community. One is from my mentor, Joan Miller, and the other is from Joan’s friend, me. They’re very different types of stories because we wanna acknowledge that awareness-raising is a non-stop thing. Once you become aware of what a TBI is or the differences between TBI and ABI, you’re not done. Far from it. And honestly, you don’t really need that information if you don’t want it because there are so many other pieces of brain injury to be aware of like stigma, connections to poverty, and houselessness.

I also like to raise awareness to the fact that people with brain injury are as fully human and interconnected with others as before the injury. If you feel that a brain injury or brain disease takes away someone’s humanity or worth, that might be an issue of perspective, not an inherent truth about disabled people. It’s up to us to value each other, and we can make the choice to view peers with brain injuries as complex, valuable people. I know I keep saying it. If you follow this blog, you might notice I keep saying this. I’ll stop saying it when it no longer needs to be said.

Enjoy these two narratives today as I ask you to recognize the harm in making brain damage jokes by inviting you directly into my broken brain, and Joan inspires and motivates with energy, positivity, and mention of her fabulous upcoming biography, “Learning to Make Toast” by Kelly Sharp!

Click here for an accessible transcript of podcast episode #057.