Stories from the brainreels: Reel Voices youth film camp

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Of course! I am late! This month’s podcast episode is an interview I did for KBOO Community Radio back in May. I talked with two women media makers, Kat Meow Garcia of Open Signal and Devin Febrroriello of XRAY TV, about their collaboration on a film camp for young women and non-binary aspiring filmmakers.

The problem? Film camp ends tomorrow, August 4th. Oops!

The good news? Well, I have two pieces. First, the films that the campers made will be screened later in August. So you haven’t missed that. And second, talking about feminist issues in the film industry and filmmaking classes will always be relevant and timely. Oh, a third good news. At the end of my interview with Devin and Kat Meow, trans filmmaker Kai Tillman talks about his experiences in the field and gives words of encouragement to anyone interested in pursuing filmmaking. And yes, anyone. Because if you hold positions of privilege and power in this field, it’s good to hear first-hand the impact that holding your privileged spots has on others with less power.  And if you have fewer privileges and feel like someone like you isn’t encouraged to be part of filmmaking, I hope you’ll get some inspiration and motivation from this episode.

This is another one of my rare episodes that doesn’t focus specifically on disability communities. But that’s good. I mean, I actually know some non-disabled people and love to share their great work, especially when there’s plenty of room in it for people with disability in their lives or their identities.

Click on this sentence for an accessible transcript of podcast episode #062.