A documentary film on isolation, art, and transformation after brain injury


This is the home for the Pigeonhole Podcast.

A grungy blue background with "Pigeonhole" in yellow letters. Below the text, a plywood box with nine cubby holes.


PH 01: Welcome to the Pigeonhole Podcast!

Why pigeonhole?

I’m coming across these stories too often where if you want to access disability community, you’re supposed to erase conversations about your ethnicity or gender. Or to talk about reproductive justice, you can’t mention disability or lack of accessibility. People use disability terms as slurs against anyone they disagree with, pathologize people for holding different values, and ignore the racist and classist history and current reality of disability discrimination in this country. Erasing any pieces of people’s identities means we’re missing so much of what they have to offer culture and community. And we’re not here for stuffing people into a neat and tidy cubby hole by telling them who they are and how to live. We’re not hear for demanding that disabled people inspire non-disabled people, accept their advice on miracle cures, or center the comfort of non-disabled people.

A pigeonhole can be a comfy place to take refuge if you want it. But too often, society tries to put us in a box and demand we sit in it quietly and gratefully. No thanks.

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