A documentary film on isolation, art, and transformation after brain injury

Project Description

Dani outside, sitting and talking.Dani looks in the mirror and adjusts the tassel on her graduate cap.Wearing graduation cap and gown, Dani smiles while her grandma takes a picture of her.Dani, Athena and film crew at graduationDani smiles for the camera outside her favorite coffee shop.Dani smiles and raps while Athena smiles at her and keeps a beat on the table.Dani and Athena at a coffee shop. Dani wears a Trayvon Martin t-shirt.Dani spins a basketball on her finger and wears a t-shirt with "I was born to ball"Athena holds the film slate and smiles for the cameraDani wears a graduation cap and gown. She and Athena look up at a photographer above them.Brandon plays marimba in a church Christmas show. His mom films on her iPad from the pews.Brandon at a bass marimba onstage at church.Beth shows off a Kris painting she won at an auction.Brandon at the microphone, singing with ILR Music Collective.Brandon plays acoustic guitar and sings in his living room.Brandon makes a fist and a tough face, showing off his "Chuck Norris always lives offensively" t shirt.Brandon looks satisfied after making Cheryl laugh so hard she is crying.Joe holds his white sensing cane and an iPod to his ear. Brandon dances in the background.Brandon and Cheryl hug each other and laugh.Brandon and Nicki play chess at a kitchen table.

Kris laughs as she tells a story to the camera.Kris Haas and Jennifer Pepin talk in the gallery on 1st Thursday.Kris stands in front of her painting at a gallery and talks about her art.Cheryl and Kris look happily at Kris's abstract paintings of spheres.Pat Murray and Kris talk about where to hang her art at the Brain Injury Help Organization office.Patrons at the Splendorporium art gallery talk with Kris about what they see in her painting.

Kris and Pat Murray plan for Kris's Brain Injury Conference presentation.J. Pepin Art Gallery logo on the glass door of the gallery

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