A documentary film on isolation, art, and transformation after brain injury


“Who Am I To Stop It” and other disability culture work

Streaming Radio Interview with Amy Zellmer on Faces of TBI. And then, click here for a text transcript.

Meet New Day Films member Cheryl Green, a short feature on becoming a filmmaker

Cheryl and Lavaun Benavidez-Heaster record for Disability Visibility Project and StoryCorps in 2015

Cheryl’s interview with Eddie Ytuarte of KPFA’s Pushing Limits on cripping capitalism: Pushing Limits Transcript

Top Ten Tips for Teaching Disability Themes in the Classroom by Nomy Lamm.

Essay and brief interview on Bitch Media and Popaganda podcast about prisons, institutionalization, and disability community.

Blog post describing a co-presentation Cheryl gave for NW NOGGIN art and neuroscience outreach non-profit on the power of the arts for changing society after brain injury.

Guest blog post on intandem.co.uk about miscommunication when we don’t ask people what they mean when they speak their minds.

Interview with “Street Roots” newspaper by Sue Zalokar on social justice, traumatic brain injury, and “Who Am I To Stop It” called “There’s No Stopping Disability-Justice Advocate Cheryl Green“on November 19, 2015.

Interview with Caitlin Wood on KBOO Community Radio’s Bread and Roses Collective show about making feminism more inclusive of disability, on October 16, 2015.

Interview with Axis Dance Company’s Rebecca Fortelka on July 28, 2015.

Interview with disabled blogger and activist Meriah Nichols on A Little Moxie’s Voices from the Disability Community.

Interview for panelists of University of Portland’s BeYou-ty Pageant in the student paper, The Beacon.

Article on Flowtv.org discussing disability-made media in the new online media landscape includes “Criptiques On Film: Very Special Episodes”.

Bitch Media interview with Caitlin Wood and Cheryl Green highlighting “Criptiques On Film: Very Special Episodes”.

In One Day Radio Podcast where Cheryl Green and Cynthia Lopez were guests, talking about “Who Am I To Stop It.” We come onto the show around 1 hour, 11 minutes.

Guest blog post on the Girl With The Cane blog by Sarah Levis, who writes about social, political, and critical aspects of disability from a stroke and brain surgery.

A blog post on the Women In Film \ Portland website about the essence of this film and our post-production Kickstarter campaign.

Guest host on Disability.TV podcast with Andrew Pulrang discussing disability representations in “Glee”

Three-part podcast interview with disability activist Jane Hash on Hash It Out With Jane. We discuss ableism, stigma, “Who Am I To Stop It,” comedy, activism, and many personal topics. Please note this podcast contains cussing and adult content. Not safe for work.

Blog post on Changed Lives New Journeys about art and creativity where Cheryl Green and “Who Am I To Stop It” are featured among a range of other artists.

Interview with Caitlin Wood for Criptiques, an anthology exploring the provocative side of disability. Please note this recording contains adult language and is not safe for work.

Blog post on Emily Ladau’s Words I Wheel By blog on experiences of disability.

Interview with Caitlin Wood of Where’s Lulu? arts and disability blog.

Craig Sicilia’s streaming show “Have I Died and Gone To Hell” featured guest appearance by Cheryl Green on February 4, 2013. Cheryl discussed mentors with brain injuries, the need for peer support, and film starting at 94 minutes into the show.

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